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With Pye Jirsa
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This image was shot right before sunset on a late June day. The couple preferred softer images with natural lighting so we headed out across the pond on their vineyard to take advantage of golden hour. While we were shooting them under the willow tree I noticed that the sun was peeking through the branches perfectly to create this image. I was going for a bit of a sunflare and was ecstatic to see a bit of a ring on the final image as well. It was captured on my Canon 5D Mark IV with my Sigma Art 24-70. I don't remember the F-Stop. It was 2 years ago and the RAW image is now filed away on my archive drive. But I do remember that I edited these images in Lightroom with the Moody Preset. I typically shoot around 6500K because I like my images warmer. It's probably my favorite shot from the entire day.

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