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I captured this image during getting ready photos with the bride in the venues getting ready suite. She was the only bride I'd every successfully convinced to empty the room of her bridesmaids and parents to give me some time alone with her and I wanted to create a few images outside of my norm. I wanted almost an editorial or fashion image with this. This is actually the image I discovered that I can bounce flash off of the bride's dress to get the perfect soft lighting and I've used that technique ever since in situations like this. I had the bride pose in front of a blank wall and hold her veil up just covering half her face. I shot it on my Canon 5D Mark IV with my 24-70 2.8 Sigma Art Lens. I believe I was shooting at 2.8 when I captured this. I used a Flash Point on-camera flash and bounced it off her dress as I explained before. The photo was edited in Lightroom using the Modern Preset. I also touched up the bride's skin by removing some blemishes and softened her skin a bit.

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