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This was one of the most challenging images and one of my favorites from the 2023 season. It was challenging because the bride had about 40 people in and out of the getting ready suite and we were already running 5-10 minutes late for the ceremony and she demanded we stop long enough to take a few bridal portraits of her. We were in a standard hotel room so the scenery wasn't very intriguing or interesting. So, I had about 25 seconds to come up with something. I had her bridesmaids help me spread the dress out behind and around her on the floor and after one of them helped her lay down I had 2 of them hold the dress up to hide the room. Because the lighting in the room wasn't great I used my Flash Point on Camera to bounce flash off her dress to create softer lighting. I captured this on my Canon 5D Mark IV with my Sigma Art 27-70 2.8 lens. I believe I was shooting at 2.8. I edited in Lightroom using the Modern preset. I also softened the bride's skin and brightened her eyes a bit and deepened the color into a more blue green from the pale blue they naturally are.

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