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With Pye Jirsa
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Equipment: Canon R5 w/ RF 70-200mm F/2.8
Shot Specs: 1/250" - f/2.8 - ISO 200

Backstory: taken at The Ruins in Hood River, Oregon. As a wedding photographer, I always try to bring a handful of new, experimental photos to each wedding that I'm looking to try. This is one of them. This wedding venue has gorgeous, old, beat up concrete walls (an old factory of sorts) which create wonderful backgrounds. I wanted to create a shot of just the bride and groom's arms reaching towards one another. My personal photography style is to embrace an ultra-shallow depth of field and love how these arms simply feel floating.

Posing: I knew that I wanted to have the slightest distance between their fingers to give off that bit of tension. Holding hands wouldn't cut it... too far away wouldn't feel right. I purposefully posed the ladies arm palm up and love the elegance it creates in the image. I also love the expression captured in the groom's hand as he's getting ready to reach his bride.

Post processing: Simply put, almost nothing was adjusted on this image other than cropping and some color shifts to suit my personal style. Digital manipulation / alternation wasn't necessary.

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