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Equipment: Canon R5 w/ RF 70-200mm F/2.8
Shot Specs: 1/400" - f/4 - ISO 640 @ 111mm

Backstory: taken at Mt. View Orchards at the base of Mt. Hood in Oregon. These clients were really excited to embrace the allele and pear orchards this venue offers which surround their wedding's ceremony site on all four sides. In addition to a wedding venue and restaurant, they also have a family friendly area that includes a playground, and these cute Radio Flyer carts that parents can use to haul around their children while picking in the orchards. I have not seen this shot captured before and had the idea stewing in my head for several days leading up to the wedding. I love the feeling that my bride and groom are as giddy as two school kids kissing on a playground. To me, there is a wonderfully innocent, playful, relaxed atmosphere that that feels very candid and sincere in their engagement (and love) for one another.

Posing: With so many people walking around, I needed to be quick and only had time for a handful of poses. I tried them in several different ways and quickly felt that the groom facing directly towards the bride was ideal for him: his engagement was the most sincere... and I love how his pants are pulled up showing off his orange socks. The bride took a bit more to work into the scene so I could compliment her natural curves and style. To me, her pose is so flattering and engaging. The arm location was moved around a bit, but we finally found its ideal home resting upon her husband's knee... it's soft, silky, and subtly shows off that ring too! And her laughing smile! Just wow!

Post processing: Time of day: 5:05pm at the end of September... so the sun was quite high still. With that in mind, this was a very clear day so contrast was quite crisp. I softened the shot using a number of masks in Lightroom to create the light, dreamy effect primarily on the top half. I also did a little bit of photoshop work on the bride's face just to provide a bit more flattering look around her jawline. Last, but not least, general adjustments to closing, cropping, etc. Other than that, there is no other digital manipulation in the photograph.

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