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How did they know what to do? An impromptu meeting of 4 year old kids, both of which I knew had no dance training. And yet they were out there like Richard Geer and Jenifer Lopez, some how with all the right moves. It was so genuine. I had to work fast. I wanted no flash so I had a Sigma 85mm open at F1.8, ISO at 1250, and shutter speed at 1250. I was pretty sure I was stopping all the action at this shutter speed but also was constantly checking my images so I could be sure I would come away with something usable. With this camera, a Nikon D750 I am comfortable shooting up to 3200 ISO without too much grain, so I wasn't worried about that. In post, I felt that any color in the image distracted from the simplicity of the image so I desaturated it. I also gave myself a little more contrast but wanted to keep the detail in his suit. I also added a little softness just for the mood of the tender moment. It was a beautiful scene and I was glad to be up for the quick decision making it required.

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