A Camera That Makes Photography Fun: Reviewing the Fujifilm X100VI

If you're looking for a review like nothing you've ever seen before, then grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to experience life in the future.

"You get this camera because it reminds you of why you got into photography in the first place. Because it's fun." GxAce is in a league of their own when it comes to review videos. If you're into cinematography, sound design, music, color, or Blade Runner, then you're in for a treat. 

It's not about the upgraded megapixels, the new in-body image stabilization, or even the built-in ND filter. It's about the experience of shooting on Fuji's X100 line of cameras. GxAce focuses on that all while providing a feast for your eyes and ears. There are a ton of example images, likely styled in ways many others are not showing you so you can see real-world use from the new X100VI. This line of cameras has become somewhat of the holy grail of walkaround cameras in the street photography world, while simultaneously becoming fully capable video cameras as well. 

Combine these features with a dual-purpose optical viewfinder that allows you to see the world optically while simultaneously showing you the images you're capturing all through the viewfinder, it's said to be an incredibly unique experience, which is one of the reasons why this line of cameras, with all its limitations, has gained so much popularity. 

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Alex Armitage has traveled the world to photograph and film some of the most beautiful places it has to offer. No matter the location, perfecting it's presentation to those absent in the moment is always the goal; hopefully to transmute the feeling of being there into a visual medium.

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Thanks for posting this well-executed and informative video review…. it may have just tipped me over the edge towards purchasing this camera!

If you want to receive it before Xmas, then you should order it pretty soon. Pre-orders are far beyond everything that was expected, including the most enthousiastic projections. This camera will be as hard as the X100V to put one's hands on. It seems that Tik Tok frenzy (cumulated with another social media only available in China) put this camera in pre-order records, all brands combined. It's absolutely crazy for a fixed-lens compact camera at this price level.

I never miss a GxAce video from the future!

So many contradictory statements throughout that "review". "OVF is awesome" versus "viewing color transformations while shooting is awesome". Well, you can't do both at the same time. So which do you want. "Refined design" but "needs a bit of 3D printing" to make the add-on lenses aesthetically pleasing.

Why are people trying so hard to convince themselves these cameras are the answer to all their woes?