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Snapshot - really?

Hey I just want to put something out to you folks in case you are seeing something similar. Just about every time I...

My take on Marcus Crisp's photo

I didn't want to copy exactly but I was fascinated with the look. I was attempting to mimic an oil painting hanging of...

Do Small Sensor Cameras Really Suck?

A recent post by the Phoblograher states, "SMALL SENSOR CAMERAS SUCK; IT’S TIME TO BE REAL HERE." What was this guy...

Cross country cellphone challenge

This is an image folks seem to enjoy on Threads, so I thought I'd share the experience with the group. Although snow...

Light and Bright

Inspired by the incredible photography of Harold Davis, I decided to try some long exposure photography with flowers...

Cell Phone Challenge

We were out yesterday looking at cabinets. Or at least my wife was. I just wanted to get out of the house. As we drove...

Cellular Telephone Challange

Ice Water on the Rocks Abstract. I was hiking through the snow for a particular waterfall shot today. When I got close...

Play with white background

Lean how White background work :) well need more learn.. nudeart theme but not subrise. mayby first time take bodyscape...

Greetings from Lisbon!

hahaha! So many wonderful little time.

Growing Out of Bounds

This is just a learning experience for me, but I think there may be an easier way then working the final layer mask at...

Out of Bounds

Searching photos on the Internet and I came across "Out of Bounds" photograph. I have seen it before but this time I...

Solitary Boat

Tourist in search of dolphins at sunset in Croatia

Skeleton Trees at Sunrise

Those trees died a long time ago because of hurricanes which caused beach erosion followed by salt water influx into...

Triathlete getting ready for a training

This is part of a series with a client who wanted to catch all the stages of her training as a triathlete.

Playing with the light

I saw this kind of pose somewhere online and I always wanted to try it

Shapes in my studio

Playing with light in order to get some interesting shapes

Is Moscow Photography arguable at this moment?

Hi, I have recently visited Moscow and I made quit some interesting work there. Shooting landscapes, cityscapes,...

Sunset over Clifton : March Challenge - Exploring mobile

Cape Town South Africa. had to take a snapshot with my phone before getting the main cam out, just to get another color...

Andreea in my studio

One of my first trials of black and white portraits

Shepherds Bucovina Dogs in the wilderness

During a winter hike I found these three beautiful shepherd dog alone in the forest near a log house