Why Your Shots Just Aren't Good Enough?

When it comes to landscape photography or any genre of photography there seems to be nothing more grinding than someone telling you that they are better than you and when they go on to explain why. However, the nuggets contained here are indeed some of the reasons why some are better than others.

Gavin Hardcastle, known for not only his delicate humor but also for his stunning landscape shots, takes us on a voyage of revelation and discovery while also showing us some stunning scenes and shots in his recent video.

You see there are many reasons why some people are indeed better than others, and you might say it is because they have a better camera or indeed have been doing it longer, but the facts are that they are most likely willing to put themselves into situations that most won’t, will get up at crazy hours, not once, not twice but many times just to get the right conditions for that perfect shot.

If you want to see just what goes into bagging those killer shots, then take a look at this video that Hardcastle has put together, what he explains will resonate with many, either that they are indeed taking all the steps or that they need to try and take some more steps to act as an enabler towards those bangers. There is also a bonus tip from Michael Shainblum who was joining Hardcastle on his recent trip to the swamplands in Texas.

If it was easy then everyone would be doing it, however as the old phrase goes, the cream rises to the top and for this to happen you need to take some additional steps and be very consistent and focused on your goals. The more you try and put yourself in the right place the higher chance you have of getting the shot(s) you dreamt of.

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Darren J. Spoonley, is an Ireland-based outdoor photographer, Podcaster, Videographer & Educator with a passion for capturing the beauty of our world.

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I use to watch Gavin's channel all the time, he's a a real joker, and a good photographer as well. But, I got sick of YouTube's ads; they were just too much.

The YouTube ads are a challenge for us all, it’s gone from a 10 second add to a 40 second ad now on all channels including my own 🤔

It's certainly hurt content creators like you and Gavin. As YT keeps trying to up it's ad revenue, it's turning people off. Rumble, isn't any better and it just doesn't have the same depth to its catalog as YT does.

There is an easy way to get around this. A little research on the Internet will show you how. I've been doing this for years and enjoy all YouTube videos without advertising. Except for the creator's advertising ("this video is sponsored by ... and the ad break follows)

I've used AdBlocker Premium for years. Recently, YT found a way to block that usage. I took it as an opportunity to leave YT and have never gone back (except when YT links are posted on FStoppers).