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The Llanos Eyes | The Llanos, Colombia

The fascinating eyes of the veined tree frog (Trachycephalus typhonius) in form of black crosshair, shining through the vegetation.
This is not a picture straight out of camera, this is a composite that I had in mind and wanted to create to emphasize the incredible eyes of this frog.
I'm often inspired by viewing pictures or images from other artists, which can give me a general idea or a concept. Then I regularly draw sketches from ideas of flashes going through my mind. This was the case for this one. Finally, when on site, I try to gather the photos needed to create the image later.

100mm macro
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almost scary ­čś▒ÔÇŽ but foremost mystical and beautiful ­čĹî

Your work is absolutely phenomenal

Thank you so much Michelle !